Traffic stop

It's the second deadly police shooting this week.
Police found an AK-47, a shotgun and ammunition after a traffic stop in Washington Heights on Tuesday night.
"I brainstormed all day Tuesday to come up with an idea, until it occurred to me to use the NYPD to help me out."
The driver reportedly said, "I am ready to die."
The car had heavily tinted windows and a covered license plate.
The cops searched his car, and all the found was a cookie.
"Just put cocaine test. That's what you put. That's how you write the summons."
The cop's lawyer says he's totally innocent of everything.
This shot was taken this morning on the West Side Highway.
Heroin, it's a helluva drug.
Regardless of why you got stopped, former NYPD officer Jerry Kane gave some good tips about how you can avoid being handed that expensive ticket. Check them out below.
"They flashed their lights and I pulled over to the side . . . One cop started screaming at me, ‘You almost killed me,’ and punched me through the open window."
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