Traffic enforcement

"It's the worst I've ever seen," a lawyer focused on cyclist advocacy tells us.
It's like the HOV lane, but more dangerous.
"Trash everywhere. People laying down bleeding, blood, car on the sidewalk. It was a mess."
What of the middle-finger-flyers, the bitter fist-shakers, the spittle-flecked hecklers? Who will speak for the Road Ragers?
Anthony Byrd, 59, allegedly drove his 2000 Ford Expedition against the flow of traffic on DeKalb Avenue and slammed into three different vehicles before jumping the curb and killing Lucian Merryweather.
Hours after a driver plowed into a group of pedestrians and a cyclist in the East Village, the NYPD's Ninth Precinct is cracking down…on cyclists.
Has the "crackdown" abated and will cooler heads prevail? Or will this just provide more fodder for mayoral candidates to distort the impact that cycling has had on the city?
The DOT is trying to make Delancey Street safer with the most adorable little signs. But as these video show, drivers aren't very appreciative.
The city added another 1,000 traffic enforcement officers last year, a
The mothers of the children killed by an unoccupied van, left
Google Maps Street View image of East Broadway; inset of memorial
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