Traffic deaths

Greenpoint locals and safe streets advocates have called on the mayor to eliminate a lane of traffic in each direction, widen sidewalks, and install a protected bike lane on the boulevard.
The company whose driver struck the child has been involved in a number of fatal crashes in recent year.
Alerting your fellow motorists to upcoming police checkpoints puts "those drivers, their passengers, and the general public at risk," according to the NYPD.
The first half of 2017 also marks the first time the number of traffic deaths have dipped into the double digits.
According to the report, there were 230 overall traffic fatalities in 2016, down from 234 the year prior.
"We are especially outraged by reports of NYPD investigators exonerating motorists at crash scenes," Transportation Alternatives said.
Cops in 17 precincts have given out fewer speeding tickets so far this year, compared to last.
Still, at least 230 people died in crashes.
There's no threat but the vague, permanent one, is the word coming from One Police Plaza.
The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate traffic deaths completely by 2024, a goal that will only be realized if the current administration kicks into high gear.
101 of the deaths have been pedestrians.
As one cop put it, "We are seeing more people hit by cars than bullets."
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