Traffic cop

As the driver of the first car begins to pull over to the curb, the police cruiser accelerates, barreling into the back fender of the vehicle.
One victim provided police with a sample of his semen.
The off-duty traffic cop out of Brooklyn who was arrested this week for allegedly drugging and raping a teen has not been charged by prosecutors, due to a lack of evidence.
Neighbors said that they don't believe Taylor could be guilty: "I know he's a hard worker...I don't believe the accusations," said next door neighbor Michael Darius. "He's a great guy."
Flickr user Triborough An appeals court ruled yesterday that the city
A NJ man claims that a NYPD traffic cop's terrible directions
A cool cup of fresh brewed justice has been served to
[UPDATE BELOW] City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) is demanding a review
As the traffic agent who had both of her legs broken
Traffic enforcement agents are used to getting sneering looks and jeered
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