Traffic agent

He allegedly screamed profanities at the traffic agent, then found her 25 minutes later and threw the liquid at her.
An NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent was fatally struck in Midtown Manhattan this afternoon.
The off-duty traffic cop out of Brooklyn who was arrested this week for allegedly drugging and raping a teen has not been charged by prosecutors, due to a lack of evidence.
Neighbors said that they don't believe Taylor could be guilty: "I know he's a hard worker...I don't believe the accusations," said next door neighbor Michael Darius. "He's a great guy."
NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent Charles Taylor, 25, was arrested last night in Brooklyn and charged with rape.
Police are looking for a man they say punched and bit a traffic agent in Brooklyn last week.
A Boerum Hill Jeep owner thought he could pull a fast
Officer Dan Chu "Big Bad Dan" Chu, the NYPD traffic cop
A NJ man claims that a NYPD traffic cop's terrible directions
A cool cup of fresh brewed justice has been served to
Mayor Bloomberg really didn't want to talk about the drama surrounding
After Councilman Dan Halloran apparently caught Traffic Agent Daniel Chu running
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