Congestion pricing is supposed to start in 2023.
One Queens resident called the tolling plan—which has not been finalized—"elitist, immoral, and just plain wrong."
The public meetings, which start on September 23rd, are a step in the long slog towards the tolling program.
Congestion pricing would create a tolling zone in Manhattan below 60th Street, excluding the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway.
Traffic patterns on the Port Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Authority bridges and tunnels around the city give us a sense of how NYC is gradually recovering from COVID-19.
"New York City can’t function with large numbers abandoning transit and going into driving,”
"For the next few months, people are going to make their own choices. Some are going to come on mass transit and some are not."
For-Hire Vehicle trips have exploded to nearly 316 million, a 90 percent increase since 2010.
'What's happening at LaGuardia is in some ways unavoidable.'
Who's the dummy NOW?
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