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Carmelo Anthony-for-Blake Griffin: a possible trade that hasn't been proposed by either side, because neither team really wants it to happen. Unless psychic communication is involved!

The man who trash talked Carmelo Anthony using cereal metaphors will now be part of a true NYC crosstown rivalry.

If the Jets management can somehow find someone willing to trade for Sanchez, AND bring in Michael Vick to replace him, it would prove they have adamantium balls.

We've been down this road before, but here we go again: according to ESPN, sometimes-disgruntled superstar Dwight Howard has demanded a trade to the Brooklyn Nets during a meeting with the Orlando Magic general manager.

The Nets are reportedly in "serious talks" for a four-team trade that would bring superstar Dwight Howard to New Jersey (and Brooklyn). Maybe owner Mikhail Prokhorov sweetened the pot by offering someone a cabinet seat?

Poor poor Nets: even as Howard has given the Nets hope by listing them as one of the four teams he'll sign a contract extension with, he's reportedly leaning toward staying in Orlando.

"He brings everything that we didn't have...We got a lot better, real quick," coach Mike D'Antoni said of the newest Knick, center Tyson Chandler.

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard reportedly wants to be traded to the Nets. And if it does happen, the city can look forward to a truly worthy and competitive inner-city rivalry next year.

According to Yahoo, the Knicks are on the verge of signing center Tyson Chandler to a four year/$58 million deal. And the Post reported the Knicks were also close to signing aging forward Grant Hill.

Radiohead fans are offering up everything from kittens to free tacos for a ticket to the band's Roseland shows.