Trader joes

"Trader Joe's just fired me for sending this letter to the CEO, saying I don't share the company values."
The MTA, Trader Joe’s, and Dollar General are among employers compensating workers to get the vaccine.
Employees from three Trader Joe’s locations told Gothamist that the stores are no longer adequately cleaned, mask-wearing and social-distancing are not strictly enforced among shoppers, and break rooms are too small and not properly ventilated.
"I can tell you it was a very frightening and unfortunate incident and we are grateful that our Crew Members are okay."
"If this goes on with us working and working, we are all going to get sick, so what are we going to do? Just work and work and work while others stay inside?"
"It’s like we’ve had Superstorm Sandy but every single day for the last three weeks."
Sources told the NY Post the supermarket chain was looking to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
She thought nothing of taking his photograph because that's what paparazzi does.
'I've had a career most actors would die for so no one has to feel sorry for me.'
At least three new stores will open in 2017.
Stellllllaaaaaaa... get me some milk, please.
A recently-fired Trader Joe's employee says the store is enforcing its request for employees to be cheery too zealously.
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