The brand new Lego store also features the first-ever personalization studio where people can create custom minifigures.
The NYPD charm offensive never goes on holiday.
Good luck, buddy.
The Disney Store in Times Square, like stores across the country, has apparently run out of plush Frozen paraphernalia, and parents are starting to take matters into their own hands.
Legos are fast becoming the Devil's favorite way to indoctrinate your child.
'Girls - to clean up my room' vs. 'Girls - to build the spaceship'
Border patrol officers snapped up two shipments of "toy dolls, cosmetic sets, fire trucks and tractors."
Parents are battling over donated toys at a playground.
Two mothers are calling on the doll company to create a "Bald and Beautiful Barbie" to help girls dealing with cancer treatments, Alopecia or Trichotillomania.
Our brains just exploded from the horrible brilliance of this idea.
"If they charge people to assemble it, they should do it correctly,” said her lawyer.
Why does the company think making busty figurines is the only way to attract girls?
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