The city would need permission from the state to lift residency restrictions.
The city estimates that 36.4 million people will visit NYC this year.
Hotel owners said the quarantine deterred visitors and made it harder for them to hang on during the coronavirus pandemic.
Before the pandemic, Times Square would get about 300,000 pedestrians a day. In April, foot traffic was a tenth of that.
Sightseeing ridership is down, with mostly locals buying tickets to see their own city.
NYC's tourism arm noted that it took global travel four years to fully recover after September 11, 2001.
The legislation would give hostels their own classification and establish a regulatory agency for them.
'Once we realized we were all stuck, we couldn't turn back.'
A projected drop in foreign tourism could lead to the city losing out on a chunk of tax money, an official from NYC & Company testifies yesterday.
We're expected to get fewer foreign tourists this year, all thanks to the President.
The study is set to cost $370,000, and an overhaul will be performed only if engineers and the DOT deem it feasible.
An anonymous do-gooder found the purse on the E train and brought it to police himself. Maybe we are going soft as a city...
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