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Lombardi's is credited as America's first pizzeria, but the man who brought pizza to Lombardi's isn't as famous.

This city has the only pizza worth eating. Here's where to get it.

Here is the official, definitive, authoritative list of the best pizza in New York City and planet Earth.

The pizzeria, which was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy, officially reopened on Sunday.

The Coney Island pizzeria has had trouble getting back on its feet since Sandy, so a few San Francisco chefs are to helping out.

The restaurant took in four feet of seawater on the night of the storm, heavily damaging the floors, walls, machinery and infrastructure.

With rival Juliana's set to open down the block any day, Grimaldi's opens up a second Manhattan outpost.

Slice has an update about legendary Coney Island pizzeria Totonno's. The

Serious Eats' Ed Levine called Totonno's owner Lawrence Ciminieri to find

A fire broke out today at legendary pizza joint Totonno's in