Most died in flood waters. Six people are still missing.
A tropical storm warning was issued for New Jersey and Long Island.
Scientists are closely following a hard-to-predict trend of U.S. tornadoes inching toward the Eastern Seaboard.
November tornado warnings are basically unheard of, according to meteorologists. And yet!
Let this be yet another reason to stay inside.
Goodbye, sun.
Dreary days ahead.
National Weather Service is assessing the damage in College Point and Whitestone to determine if a tornado hit.
Two tornadoes hit a Monmouth County town on Saturday morning.
A big storm system could bring tornados to New York.
Intense storms across the Northeast yesterday unleashed heavy rain, flash flooding, and OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD A TORNADO WHILE I'M DRIVING MY CAR AND FILMING AT THE SAME TIME!
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