Two women were arrested this morning after they took their shirts off and protested Donald Trump inside the Midtown polling place where Trump is scheduled to vote today.
The human body "is a perfect machine and to shame that and say it's not suitable for public view, when we're surrounded by mostly advertisements of naked women, is ridiculous."
"The Times Square Unit will be expected to address crime and quality of life issues surrounding the city’s number-one tourist destination."
There didn't seem to be more marchers yesterday than in past years, there were many more photographers on hand than ever before.
Over 50 women showed up at Columbus Circle for the start of the march around 1 p.m., with plenty of NYPD officers in tow.
The desnudas were in full force yesterday afternoon.
The annual event, which was founded by a very sexy UFO religion, is this Sunday.
It's one way his new task force might address the topless, painted women and costumed characters in Times Square.
The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society is still in session.
Too bad the First Amendment is a "thorny area."
Photographer Allen Henson is being sued by the Empire State Building over a topless photo shoot he did there.
She attracted plenty of attention from shameless men who ogled her and asked questions like, "Can I get a close-up of your nipple?"
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