Tony avella

Vickie Paladino’s apparent win adds to the ranks of GOP members who will join the city council in January.
Paladino's campaign director has openly engaged with white supremacists online.
State Senator Tony Avella’s chances of winning are exceedingly slim, though not impossible.
At a Bayside bakery, Senator Avella spoke to Gothamist about his reasons for joining the IDC, his legislation to protect pet pigs, and the "national hype" that is attempting to destroy him.
Gothamist spoke to the former Comptroller about Queens politics, congestion pricing, and how he'd avoid sinking into the Albany morass.
"Unfortunately, in a race like this, being an outsider doesn't get you much," Avella said.
Who will save Wilbur?
"Instead of trying to help these people, [de Blasio] is dumping them in every hotel and motel he can find."
One woman's pig is "so gentle" he goes to bed with her children.
New York State Senator Tony Avella and Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal are calling for a carriage horse ban in New York City, where they believe it's "long overdue."
(via Gary Burke's flickr) Oh who will fight for the nonexistent
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