Tompkins square park

After two years of celebrating virtually, the 16th annual Dance Parade returned to in-person festivities this year.
Here's everything you need to know about this year's Halloween dog parades.
After a year in which some quality of life concerns took a back seat, the NYPD appears to be cracking down on park activity, including the impromptu gatherings that served as a lifeline for many in the last year.
The organizer presented the event as a "September 11 Memorial" political rally, not a concert that would attract thousands of attendees, the Parks Department says.
A Parks Department spokesperson said, "This matter is actively being investigated as the permit application filed and agreement appear to have been violated—future permits are in jeopardy."
The popular skateboarding spot was in jeopardy.
'It never really works out for the skaters.'
'I'm going to use whatever means necessary to stop you, and that's for your safety,' the officer tells the stunned cyclist, drawing laughs and disbelief from a gathered crowd.
'To me, it's a ghost story. It's about being haunted. It's just got a sci-fi magical realism twist.'
Turns out, the East River Park Amphitheater is an excellent place to host the beloved annual dogs-in-costumes spectacle.
The beloved Halloween dog costume contest has been saved. Here's how it happened.
Organizer announced the event, which has been going on for nearly three decades, would be cancelled this year. But we have a feeling things will change before October...
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