Tom hanks

With COVID-19 positivities breaking out amongst the cast and crew, we got a weird holiday episode featuring only Paul Rudd, Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Kenan Thompson and Michael Che—it was a grab bag of new pre-taped sketches and old ones.
Hanks delivered the news on social media: "We Hanks’ will be... observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires."
One scene shows Mr. Rogers on the subway, being serenaded by children.
Is there anything you would want to... ask about this...subject...?
He was supposed to be a "Santa Claus for Halloween."
Musical guest Katy Perry also brought along @i_got_barzz to make this extra GIF-friendly.
Springsteen talked about the importance of Jersey to his work, the story behind 'Born To Run,' the problem with not paying taxes, his ambivalence about 'No Surrender,' the most important lesson he's learned, and more.
Watch as Kyle Mooney's Bruce Chandling gets upstaged by Hanks' fellow '80s comic Paul Cannon.
He started things off with a monologue only America's Dad could deliver, reassuring our wounded nation.
Friendly celebrity man Tom Hanks kindly barged in on a couple's Central Park wedding shoot.
If you really liked the movie "Flight" but wish it took place in NYC and had fewer stakes, then this is the movie for YOU.
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