Tom golisano

It turns out that the cover of yesterday's Daily News picturing
Billionaire Tom Golisano penned a column in the NY Post today:
All eyes continue to focus on the one wildcard at the
Billionaire Tom Golisano, who made a big show of moving to
Last week, western NY billionaire, former gubernatorial candidate and owner of
Western NY billionaire—and three time NY gubernatorial candidate—Tom Golisano has had
Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano does not want a state budget full
Politicker NY noticed how a $500,000 check, from the coffers of
How many billionaires does turn a third party into a contender?
The speculation on how the City Council members will vote on extending
Billionaire term limits proponent Ronald Lauder (pictured, far right) confirmed his support
Billionaire Tom Golisano's seven-figure donation next week's DNC in Denver has, according
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