The police officer was arrested in the same precinct where he works.
A van with covered plates and 2 NYPD officers inside was let off despite covering their license plate with a mask. A state senator wants to engage the public in reporting future offenses.
“You don’t want to get caught, because you are going to get caught.. The sheriff’s office might be behind you lighting up, or you might get pulled over by a state trooper.”
The MTA, which is in charge of implementing congestion pricing, got scammed by one of its own employees, according to the agency's inspector general.
"When people ask me what the single most important thing we can do to prepare for climate change, I tell them congestion pricing."
Congressman Max Rose, whose district covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, has proposed charging drivers $9.50 in each direction of the Verrazzano Bridge.
"Congestion pricing is an idea whose time has come," the governor said.
The cashless tolling system will debut in New York City in 2017, and be rolled out across the five boroughs throughout the year.
The driver allegedly had five different EZPass accounts, with hundreds of violations on them.
A coalition led by former traffic commissioner Sam Schwartz is releasing a proposal today to enact tolls on four East River bridges, in attempt to make the city's transit more equitable.
A taxi driver has been accused of successfully running a scam which every driver in NYC has fantasized about at some point: tailgating very close to other drivers to get past bridge tolls without paying.
Congestion pricing and its progeny will never die, no matter how aggressively you lean on your horn while driving down a residential street.
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