Toll hike

Let's get ready to faaaaaarrrreeeeee hiiiikkkkkeeeee!
Of the 16 board members, one didn't make it to a single forum, six made it to just one. And another showed up twice.
It isn't just subway and bus fares the MTA wants to hike next year.
Staten Islanders are seeing red over the idea that they might have to pay even more to get onto their island by car–but don't worry, it will still be free to leave!
Why pay high tolls when you can park and ride?
What's their gripe? That some of the money form the hike will be going to "a speculative office development" also known as the World Trade Center.
"It's a user fee," Christie tells the Star-Ledger, "It's not a tax. I know what a tax is and what it looks like."
The Port Authority board has just voted 9-0 to raise tolls on the Hudson River crossings by $1.50 and to raise the cost of a PATH ride $.25 a year for the next four years.
But what exactly were you expecting?
Yesterday people were saying the Port Authority's toll hikes were a backdoor attempt to bring congestion pricing our way, now people are saying they just an attempt to make a lesser hike more palatable.
If the Port Authority's board gives it the okay, tolls to get in and out of the city could go from $8 to $12 as soon as next month (and then to $14 in 2014).
Photograph by Triborough on Flickr As the MTA continues to struggle
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