There are 15 self-cleaning public toilets, that the city has already paid for, but are not in use. Meanwhile, thousands of summonses were issued for public urination.
The Toto has transformed once-casual toilet users into hi-tech "washlet" connoisseurs.
And why you should keep a cinder block on the toilet lid.
The residents of a luxury apartment complex in Brighton Beach may soon have their sweeping ocean views replaced by a slightly less scenic high-rise toilets.
Check out some of Reddit's favorite "secret" bathroom spots around Manhattan, plus a few of our favorites mixed in.
“I’m afraid to flush the toilet right now.”
Somewhere in Georgia the Bowery circa the 1970s is being recreated for the new CBGB film, which will feature the real toilets from the venue!
Forget about the score and the amazing ratings, if there is one fact you need to know about the Super Bowl last weekend it is this one.
While Starbucks denies that there will be any policy shifts, Starbucks gossipers are whispering about two potential changes/upgrades for stores in the future: bathroom attendants, and/or receipt-only restrooms.
“Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore,” a source told the Post. Oh no! How will the Starbucks masturbator complete his mission now?
Staff and students allege that a Brooklyn school has allegedly only kept one of five working toilets open for the past month. Perhaps the school could get everyone together and have a block potty?
The toilet was a necessity, given that "more internal couriers," or "swallowers," are banished to the Drug Loo "than at all of the US ports monitored by Customs combined."
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