Toilet paper

Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan rules viciously atop a gilded throne of Charmin double-ply.
The city grapples with an unprecedented epidemic of New York Post reporters roaming the streets in search of homeless people to interview.
Or maybe you call it 'Goosey Night' if you grew up in northern NJ.
A number of sewage systems in the country have been experiencing some unpleasant blockage problems over the past few years.
He walked out with eight 12-packs.
There are some family feuds you just do not want to have anything to do with. Throw in toilet paper accusations and threats, and you're in for a true shitstorm of emotions.
Sacre bleu! What would have happened if Barbra needed to run off stage for some relief during "Don't Rain On My Parade?"
No word on whether Brookdale will begin using controversial "Shake it off" therapy to further cut costs.
When you're in Bay Ridge, a Giants Super Bowl victory means toilet paper, firecrackers, and standing in front of cars.
Never mind that the real atrocity is that Nathan's on the boardwalk doesn't offer raw, diced onion on their hot dogs.
After a public shaming in the Post, the Parks Department's toilet paper rationing ended yesterday. But don't be surprised if it is back before you know it.
Might want to bring your own TP if you are going by a public restroom, the cash-starved Parks Department is reportedly rationing its single-ply.
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