Ain't no party like a Toto toilet party.
The Toto has transformed once-casual toilet users into hi-tech "washlet" connoisseurs.
Livia Davis splashed ingloriously into the toilet bowl of her parent's West Haven, Connecticut home early Friday morning.
You might as well make that rent money while...making something else.
Adolf Hitler's toilet is in New Jersey, and you can sit on it.
The video below, in which a young lady can't hold it in, pees on herself, then decides to give herself a SFW makeshift shower on the subway, brings up a lot of quesitons.
This couple was having sex on a breeding ground for bacteria!
"We have had it with these motherf*cking snakes in these motherf*cking toilets!"
It seems Starbucks acted quick to end the "Starbucks Pee Panic of 2011:" "Within days...higher-ups from Starbucks management visited at least two offending shops and ordered them to liberate their restrooms."
Would you want a $6,400 toilet that requires a remote?
Bryant Park's public toilets get big love from tourist website.
A new phone app has a revolutionary idea: what if there were a social network for going to the bathroom?
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