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Kids younger than 5 have been eligible for the shots for about two months.

Kids in this age group have been eligible for COVID-19 vaccines for less than two months.

Parents are expressing relief at the rollout's opening day, though early supplies appear limited. More than 500,000 kids under the age of 5 live in New York City.

No appointments for the pediatric shots had emerged on the NYC Vaccine Finder website as of Tuesday afternoon.

Supplies are unlikely to be as universal as past vaccine rollouts because Congress hasn’t renewed pandemic funding. Here's where to get early shots.

“I want them off. I'm the one of the biggest advocates,”  Mayor Eric Adams said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the youngest kids still need the protection of masks for indoor group settings because they aren’t eligible to be vaccinated against COVID. But some say it's time to leave the mandate behind.

They were fined $7,500 for failing to perform recent work on the facade.

A 2-year-old has been hospitalized after being struck by falling bricks from an Upper West Side building today.