Todd p

"It's very expensive, much much much more expensive than people think in order to do all of the compliance that is needed to get a place legally sanctioned."
DJ Dog Dick doesn't mix well with Vitamin Water.
The broken toilets at 285 Kent flushed their last DIY detritus last night.
We spoke with Todd P about why Mexico needs a popular, affordable, culturally significant music festival, his involvement with 285 Kent, and what it means to run a DIY venue in 2013.
Ch-ch-ch-changes: a bunch of Williamsburg venues, art spaces, and rehearsal spaces are being evicted from the neighborhood.
Photo by Luna Park Last week a newspaper box was up
L-R: Market Hotel exterior; stage (via boogaloo66's flickr); and interior. Rickety
Click through for more on MtyMx, the Black Lips at Bowery, and
Photo via Larimdame's Flickr Pianos En Fuego! This just in: an
An interesting police strategy is described in this otherwise "non-story" on
Karen O is a Native Korean Out of the blue, Karen O
MTV has once again invaded Brooklyn; earlier this year the network dissected
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