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Todd Barry shared his 1980s phone calls with David Letterman.

We figured we'd mine his experience of 28 years living in New York City for practical advice on first dates, finding money, and subway etiquette.

The comedian also revealed that he has "cops on computers" making sure that no one resells his tickets for more than the $45 face-value, as they may be cancelled before the show starts.

Tickets are free for both the 7:15 or the 9:15 shows to see the worlds greatest thespian who played a deli worker.

Natalie Portman may have won an Oscar for her wrenching work as

Yes, it's been a day of 9/11-related posts. But here's a final--and

Jon Benjamin started performing in Boston in the early 90's with

Comedian Mike Birbiglia discusses the development of his show Sleepwalk With Me,

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Pianos last night for