Tod seelie

At the Gorey Hole, you could stick in an appendage and pull it out slathered in fake (and maybe a little bit of real) blood.
Gritty, go-anywhere photographer Tod Seelie is readying his last gallery show before he leaves New York behind.
It all takes place inside a 19th-century Norwegian Seaman's Church on Pioneer Street which doubles as a robot-sculpture collective workshop.
Brooklyn photographer Tod Seelie will showcase a raucous collection of new images shot during a residency in California with Superchief Gallery.
Yesterday we got inside the former Domino Sugar Refinery for a look at Walker's upcoming installation inside.
There are Vertical Tours offered that allow visitors to climb to the top of the cathedral. Here's what that looks like.
Two hundred people took to Green-Wood Cemetery to celebrate Dia de Muertos.
Click through for a glimpse into Seelie's darker, deranged, and more vibrant side of the city.
Take note, Lena Dunham's set design people... here's what a real warehouse party in Bushwick looks like.
The Red Hook Festival helped revive Red Hook just a little bit more over the weekend.
The sprawling space, which takes over three 111-year old tenement buildings, is also a multidisciplinary art installation, a social club, and a sitting room.
Step inside this former taxi service center in Queens that is now home to some crazy large-scale art installations.
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