A federal ban on tobacco could avert 633,000 deaths, a third among African Americans. Critics say it could increase policing in communities of color.
Juul borrowed directly from the Big Tobacco playbook in order to hook teens, according to the lawsuit.
No new hookah bars will be allowed to open in the city, and the sale of any tobacco-related products will go up to 21 under a pair of new bills passed by the City Council.
A sting operation found 13 bars in violation of the city's Smoke-Free Air Act.
CVS has finally made good on its promise (threat?) to stop selling cigarettes, in an effort to brand itself less as a large-scale corporate bodega and more as a pharmacy and storefront healthcare center.
The governor plans to award about $9.4 million over the next five years to groups promoting tobacco-free communities.
New York would have been the first city in the country to make retailers hide cigarettes.
Yesterday the second-largest tobacco company in North America debuted an e-cig of their own.
The push to raise the city's tobacco age minimum got businesses riled up at a City Council hearing yesterday, testifying that changing the minimum would harm them financially.
Around 20,000 public high school students in New York City currently smoke cigarettes.
If the kids can't see the smokes, they won't want them. Right?
You've got until March 21st to ask the city for some free patches and/or gum to help you kick the cancer sticks.
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