Brooklyn-based landscape architect Van Valkenburgh, whose firm has their fingerprints all over the park, calls the work: "Titanic Moment."
The Titanic love story that didn't make it into the movie, has roots in this Brooklyn home, which now houses 26 apartments.
"People started laughing out loud," remembers Bill Paxton, "Others started crying. It was total Bedlam."
The Astor family will always be linked with the Titanic. But will it also be linked with the Titanic II?
Why build the Titanic? Why go to the moon?
James Cameron rebuts: "The script says Jack died... the dude’s goin’ down."
Because there isn't enough tragedy connected to the original Titanic, Caroline Kennedy will reportedly be on hand for the unveiling of the plans for the Titanic II.
Last week, Dylan turned 71-years-old, and we celebrated with Dylan Week, a celebration of all things Robert Zimmerman. Now we bring exciting news: Dylan's newest album is done, and will be coming out this year!
What could possibly go wrong with this idea?
If you haven't figured out by now that the sinking of the Titanic was a real event that really happened—not just a movie about Kate Winslet's boobs in 3D—then let these vintage photos convince you.
The 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy is coming up on Sunday, and here's your guide to memorials around New York City.
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