Tish james

The lawsuits by the city and state come six days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a century old law in New York that limited the ability to carry a gun in public.
Former President Donald Trump and his children are scheduled to begin testimony July 15th in a case brought by Attorney General Tish James.
The state Attorney General will conduct a hearing next week on the state's worsening mental health crisis.
Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and former President Donald Trump are scheduled to testify in July.
The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program would direct $50 million in state money to the Department of Health, which would then provide grants to abortion providers.
New York Attorney General Tish James’ office is investigating the former president’s company over allegations that he exaggerated its value in financial statements. She moved to hold Trump in contempt earlier this month.
Now it will be up to Attorney General Letitia James to enforce the resolution passed Tuesday by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, which requires Cuomo to pay back his book proceeds within 30 days.
A statement from James's senior campaign advisor signaled an official announcement was imminent.
A federal judge pledged on Monday to fast-track a spate of lawsuits against New York City and the NYPD over this summer's police crackdown on Black Lives Matter protesters.
In a scathing complaint filed in federal court on Thursday, James detailed months of "illegal and harmful" conduct by NYPD officers in the wake of George Floyd's killing.
New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing New York Sports Club and Lucille Roberts.
The policy shift comes after the video of Daniel Prude's detainment was released.
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