We have three important tips for ordering takeout during this week's storm.
Layering and accessories are key, turns out.
Advocacy groups say that tipping contributed to sexual harassment and wage theft, but small restaurant owners are worried that increasing minimum wage could shut down their businesses.
"The ideal spot is where they won't let us be now, and they know that."
"The [tourist] was the aggressor. We are not the bad apples," said Batman.
Schumer left a very generous tip for bartenders at "Hamilton" last night.
Da Silvano celebrated its 40th birthday last month.
Starting on December 31st, tipped workers will earn a minimum of $7.50 an hour.
Expect higher menu prices and more automatic service charges added to your bill.
Yes, you can. But do you want to?
The restaurant will add an "administrative fee" around 20% to every check.
"Apparently this man does this quite frequently," said hotel manager Michelle Satanik. "Just a really nice guy and humanitarian."
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