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We have three important tips for ordering takeout during this week's storm.

"Had Plaintiff and other customers known that by entering a tip on the DoorDash app they were simply contributing to DoorDash's bottom line, they never would have agreed to pay."

How much should you tip? Allow me, a former restaurant server, enlighten you.

Advocacy groups say that tipping contributed to sexual harassment and wage theft, but small restaurant owners are worried that increasing minimum wage could shut down their businesses.

There's turmoil in both front and back of house operations, including high rates of staff turnover at the Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants that have implemented the practice.

He says he tried to intervene when the dancers started harassing a Jewish man for not tipping them.

The move follows nine months of pressure from a quasi-union group representing rideshare drivers.

The tourists and were allegedly arguing over the appropriate amount to tip.