'The Tinder Trap' is at best a vague, half-baked plea for civility, or old fashioned virtue, or something, whatever.
The viral shoe has dropped.
'When there are red flags, sometimes you ignore them.'
Queens nurse Samantha Stewart was allegedly killed by the man she met on Tinder.
You think you've gone on bad dates, but did your Tinder match ever steal a dog from you?
"My mom was like, 'What are all these pictures of erections?'"
The suspect allegedly made up lies about needing money to pay for his sister's cancer treatments.
Welcome to the world of Bernie Sanders' Dank Tinder Conversations.
He may claim that the 17-year-old said she was an adult.
Our upstanding NYC bartending community has been watching every uncomfortable interaction up close.
Yes, cuddling with a tiger in hopes of attracting women is a thing. A sad, sad thing.
The moral of this story is that everyone over 25 should probably avoid all new technologies.
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