Times up

“His actions have put us in an untenable position by violating HRC’s core values, policies and mission.”
Support for Tina Tchen, a former Obama White House staffer, had faltered after it was revealed she had been consulting on Governor Cuomo's response to accusers.
"There comes a moment in time when society stands up and says enough is enough. And I believe we are at that moment."
Actresses, including Marisa Tomei and Amber Tamblyn, appeared wearing Time's Up items.
She did so in the West Village community newspaper.
This comes as the Weinstein Company faces a long list of celebrity creditors.
Spending public resources to harass a group of law-abiding cyclists works against Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton's pledge to make the streets safer.
Volunteers say a community garden erected at 99 South 5th Street was wiped away Thursday morning without warning.
Environmental advocacy group Time's Up broke ground on a new community garden on Sunday—but the space is slated to become affordable housing. Who will prevail?
Taxpayers will give the librarians $47,000, along with Norman Siegel's attorneys fees of $186,349.
You may want to reconsider that "Naughty Cop" uniform you were planning for Halloween. On the other hand, you're probably fine as long as you don't do anything "political."
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