Times square alliance

Times Square's annual New Year's Eve celebration was crowd-free last year due to the pandemic.
Petition to mandate the Keanu Arm at the crossroads of the world.
Police say the girl was part of a group who had asked for a photo with the Sesame Street character.
Relax with creative daytime activities and evening outdoor concerts by Broadway actors and New York City’s hottest young jazz bands. [sponsor]
"What about the fact that we're giving people recommendations every day? We're recommending clubs and restaurants."
"We need to put the teeth in," Council Member King said.
With likely "flow zones" reserved for walking.
Legislation that would empower the DOT to enact Plaza-specific rules will go up for vote tomorrow.
"At the end of the day, if you're working for for tips, there's always room to be aggressive, no matter where you're standing."
17 degree weather, be damned—we want culture for our canines!
The dogs' humans can come too—they'll get special human headphones.
"It sounds like they think they're getting a handle on the problem, but I think it's a little more slippery than they think," one prominent civil rights lawyer opines.
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