This one minute timelapse is worth watching til the very end. Wait for it...
The footage was captured over ten days in September 2016.
A decent timelapse video comes with a promise: time is malleable with the right tools.
While Times Square and corporate hotels may not scream "romance," they can certainly deliver a fine perch to take in the views.
The mural that's been on the ceiling since 1911 needed a lot of work.
From drones to snow diving...
Whoa, a ride on the 7 train seems pretty chill!
No Laser Floyd? Total waste of a Planetarium.
Watch the timelapse video to see how Faulkner transforms his facial hair into a Tolkien-esque bouquet of fur.
Turn back the clock about 60 hours with the timelapse video below of the midtown festivities.
Did you see this morning's Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Spectacular or did you sleep through it?
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