Time warner cable

Charter Communications (a.k.a. Spectrum) will be forced to pay a whopping $174.2 million for lying about the quality and consistency of its often terrible internet service.
The decision could affect more than 2.5 million subscribers across the state.
'They don't have the obligation to provide the final 100 yards of infrastructure. And they can charge through the nose depending on the physical situation of the building.'
According to the AG, the new cable company sucks as much as the old cable company.
TWC has “been failing to take adequate or necessary steps to keep pace with the demand of [their] consumers," to no one's surprise.
Impacting, internet, phone, and cable service.
Kabletown dies a little on the inside.
You can't fault Comcast for not trying: they spent $17 million lobbying Washington last year.
Kabletown is doing its best to claw its way into our cable boxes.
That Comcast merger is a GREAT IDEA, regulators!
Was your bill $9 more last month?
"We're going to introduce more competition into the process, which is desperately needed," the mayor said.
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