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In New York City, where a third of residents have no internet at all, politicians want Comcast to pay for broadband in public housing and community centers.

The cost of broadband is too damn high and Mayor De Blasio wants to do something about it.

There's nothing funny about 100,000 free On Demand titles, and certainly nothing amusing about 105 mbs guaranteed. Speeds like that are no joke.

Before this multimedia Rosemary's Baby inflicts its pain upon the world, the deal has to be approved by Congress, and it looks like one of the acquisition's biggest champions won't be there to cheer it on.

Why say something in three syllables when you can say it in nine?

Time Warner suggests getting an antenna for CBS.

Reps from Time Warner are apparently paying house calls in Kansas City to make sure customers are happy with their service.

Andrew Sullivan isn't adjusting to life in NYC very well.