Time lapse

Travel the entire 5.5 mile span of the newly-refinished Rockaway beach boardwalk.
One responsible citizen of Gotham manage to secure a time lapse video of this morning's clouds, and it's pretty freaking ethereal.
Happily, the video moves too fast to show all the political backbiting that delayed completion of the museum until almost 13 years after the attack.
This time lapse shows Barclays Center getting built up from the Brooklyn ground, from 2008 through 2012.
If only the 9/11 Museum could get this kind of speedy delivery, eh?
And it's soundtracked by Andrew Bird.
You can't really catch these fireflies.
Its like running the Marathon. From your desk. In five minutes.
Have you ever sat and stared at the stars and wondered what Superman sees when he flies over the Earth?
No weather phenomenon is really done until there's a timelapse video to commemorate it—and there's certainly no shortage of ones for Hurricane Irene. Watch a couple below.
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden delivers a new time lapse, this time of their lily pool. Enjoy!
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