Time capsule

It's the oldest outdoor monument in New York, and it holds time capsules that the Central Park Conservancy has no plans of unearthing.
"I told everybody that this was going to happen!"
New Yorkers, please leave your (very creative!) time capsules inside where they are safe.
The time capsule pulled up from under Jay Street this morning was holding a bunch of mud.
It was buried in Downtown Brooklyn in 1950.
This old article says the NYT's editors are going to open a time capsule next year.
What would go in a NYC time capsule from the 2000s?
Since we won't be around when this thing is dug up, let's take a look again at some of what's inside.
What could possibly be inside this time capsule?
The below video, filmed about 16 years ago, begins by declaring: "Our
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