"It's one of those things that just boggles the mind. I don't understand why it still happens, I don't know why."
Liberals and conservatives alike both hate the Daylight Saving Time system so much, they've been able to put aside their many differences to try to cast off its chains.
The theme is...time?
Suck it, Chris Martin's long-dead great great grandfather.
Let's take a deep breath and remember that there is only Now and what we choose to do with it.
Don't stop believing in the infinite chronological loop of existence.
Here are a few pertinent graphs that expose, yet again, just how unnecessary the Daylight Saving Time system has become.
This week's question comes from someone who got dissed hard for tardiness.
Time isn't holding us. Time isn't after us. Time isn't holding up. Time is a pony ride.
Starting tonight at 2 a.m., America (excluding the enlightened states of Hawaii and Arizona) will shake off the shackles of Daylight Saving Time, and seize back that extra hour of sleep that is our God-given right.
The most lingering legacy of DST is the fact you get Coldplay's song "Yellow" stuck in your head and hate yourself for singing along.
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