Tim wu

TWC has “been failing to take adequate or necessary steps to keep pace with the demand of [their] consumers," to no one's surprise.
Wu will serve as his senior lawyer and special advisor.
Last year, airline companies made nearly $32 billion in bag fees, boarding upgrades, and enhanced legroom charges.
Governor Andrew Cuomo won yesterday's primary against an opponent he refused to debate or even acknowledge.
Voting in tomorrow's Democratic primary is the surest way to make your voice heard in a state that is controlled largely by the Democratic machine.
We spoke with Wu about his libertarian streak, his ambivalence on congestion pricing, and how New York could stop the Comcast-Time Warner merger.
NYC progressives will try to calm down their runaway electorate who seem interested in voting for candidates they want and not those who are politically the "right" choice.
Tim Wu, the Columbia professor running for lieutenant governor, has the potential to derail the Cuomo campaign.
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