Tilda swinton

Jake Gyllenhaal is dressed like a really bad Hunter S. Thompson impressionist and Tilda Swinton looks like she's been glazed in silver in the first 'Okja' trailer.
Swinton talked about her performance art piece this weekend, joking that she has a “biological advantage” performing it thanks to her large bladder.
It's been about three weeks since the last sleeping Tilda Swinton spotting at MoMA, but any fans of nap-inspired art are in luck today, because Swinton is back! [Update Below]
The Artist Is Napping: Here's where to find sleepy Tilda Swinton at MoMA today.
Amateur Renaissance Man James Franco showed up just before closing time (with Michael Stipe!) to check out sleeping Swinton, as you can see in the grainy photo sent by a tipster below.
"I saw her, and I thought, 'You're an Oscar winner—what are you doing in a box?"
Swinton started talking to the museum about bringing "The Maybe" to New York when she was filming scenes for a different MoMA project back in 2005.
Tilda Swinton has currently taken up residency sleeping at MoMA. It's part of an unannounced, surprise performance piece called "The Maybe" that will be taking place on random days all year.
The latest Bowie video is a short film featuring Tilda Swinton, and it's pretty amazing.
The Oscars are in town! Well, at least some 8-foot Oscar statues
Early this morning Hayden Panettiere and other Hollywood elite looked ready to
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