Tiger woods

'I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.'
It's hard not to like a guy who uses a pink driver and chooses his wardrobe to help raise money for children's charities.
Phil Mickelson finds himself in familiar territory—behind a Swedish blonde.
If it seemed like Tiger was whining the whole round, it's because he was.
The NY Post has a PSA for those with vaginas.
Tiger Woods' most favorite mistress—at least, based on rumors that he
Tiger Woods' allegedly favorite mistress, Rachel Uchitel, agreed to an in-depth
Rachel Uchitel, Dr. Drew in Central Park (TMZ) Tiger Woods' former
Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel in Central Park (TMZ) As rumors
These February headlines could be recycled if Tiger really moved to
Even though Tiger Woods is practicing at the Ridgewood Country Club
Just because she (allegedly) got $10 million for not spilling the
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