Turns out there's at least one Phish fan at the 20th Precinct, and they helped bust a counterfeit ticket scheme.
One of Clinton's last dates will be at Central Park's Summerstage.
Plaintiff Allen Lee filed the suit on behalf of everyone who's been scammed by Ticketmaster's (alleged) professional scalping racket.
Ticketmaster has allegedly been scamming its way into double commissions.
'This is an aggressive legal action, I believe it is legally prudent and legally sustainable, but it is an aggressive legal action.'
August is your best shot to get tickets to the upcoming season of SNL.
This happened on East 92nd Street.
And the Q train signage got a little makeover in the band's honor.
I have an opinion about how concert tickets should be sold.
Tickets for this year's most coveted Broadway show are going on sale today.
As of today, you can now enter the lottery to win tickets to the 43rd season of the comedy institution
"It's the worst I've ever seen," a lawyer focused on cyclist advocacy tells us.
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