Ticket fixing scandal

Wanda Abreu was also indicted for the murder plot, but she sounds like she's planning her escape route—the Post asked whether she still loved her husband: “I love my kids, and I miss them.”
A former NYPD officer who is embroiled in the ticket-fixing scandal, and his wife, have been accused of plotting to kill a witness who is planning to testify against him.
"This a bogus charge, and it is not about what anyone thinks about ticket fixing,” said lawyer Rae Dawn Koshetz. “This is an abuse of power to punish a detective who was doing his job.”
Investigators targeted a barber who was an undercover cop in the early stages of the probe. Except nothing came of the operation because no cops wanted to go back after they got such terrible haircuts.
"No one wanted to get involved in making a change where a summons was involved because of everything going on in the Bronx. She fell victim to it," explained the president of a police union.
The cop admitted to the judge that ticket-fixing was a "breach of his oath," but called the practice a "common courtesy" that he performed for his father and two cab drivers.
The ire comes from some officers (including union officials) who view ticket-fixing as a professional courtesy, and the indictment of 17 police officers for ticket-fixing as hypocritical considering how many powerful New Yorkers have participated.
Only ten police officers are believed to be charged with ticket-fixing, with seven more being indicted for "unrelated misconduct."
As was expected, 17 NYPD officers have been indicted by a Bronx grand jury as part of the ongoing ticket-fixing investigation.
Officer Robert McGee, who is currently at North Central Bronx Hospital because of burns from clutching the third rail, is telling friends that he's "ashamed of this whole thing."
Elmhurst, Queens has the highest number of speeding tickets (2,094) while Flushing tops the cellphone citations (2,589). Overall moving violation citations are down 6.4%
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