Ticket fixing

He had no problem trying to make parking tickets disappear for constituents, and he wanted "transcendental meditation" to be included in school curriculum.
Wanda Abreu was also indicted for the murder plot, but she sounds like she's planning her escape route—the Post asked whether she still loved her husband: “I love my kids, and I miss them.”
A former NYPD officer who is embroiled in the ticket-fixing scandal, and his wife, have been accused of plotting to kill a witness who is planning to testify against him.
Her lawyer added that she plans to donate her car to charity: “I can’t tell which charity, but she does a lot of volunteering with animal rights."
From natural disasters to sexty political scandals to the tenth anniversary of 9/11: click through to look back on some of the biggest news stories of 2011.
"This a bogus charge, and it is not about what anyone thinks about ticket fixing,” said lawyer Rae Dawn Koshetz. “This is an abuse of power to punish a detective who was doing his job.”
Investigators targeted a barber who was an undercover cop in the early stages of the probe. Except nothing came of the operation because no cops wanted to go back after they got such terrible haircuts.
The police officers' union president is being accused of not doing enough to help indicted cops.
"No one wanted to get involved in making a change where a summons was involved because of everything going on in the Bronx. She fell victim to it," explained the president of a police union.
The now first-class detective had cut hair before becoming a cop, and was able to get a job at one of Jose Ramos' barbershops, where he was party to many an illicit conversation.
Many officers continue to argue that ticket-fixing is a mere courtesy that has always been extended to officers—and one cop justified ticket-fixing because it ensured a meeting between his gravely-ill child and the Yankees.
Given the mood outside the Bronx courthouse on Friday, NYPD officers who are implicated in the sting are going to have a tough time testifying against their peers in court.
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