Ticket blitz

'Apparently they spent $3 billion developing this site and didn't think to put in a bike lane.'
J Greg De Felice The massive snowverwhelming sure was fun while
[UPDATE BELOW] Sometimes the NYPD's inanity is so perfect, so immaculately
If you're one of those people who must chat or—gasp—even text
Near the intersection of Adams and Tillary Cyclists are chafing at
Jglsong's Flickr On January 29th, TLC agents began enforcing strict new
It's another NYPD ticket blitz! According to the Post, the NYPD
Round Two of the NYPD's smackdown on drivers using cell phones
Since the city's tax revenue has plummeted, with the stock market
After a day-long ticket blitz, the NYPD issued 9,016 tickets to
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