"Three cops in an NYPD van pulled me over as I was walking down the sidewalk...they looked at me and said, 'De Blasio is making us enforce it, it's been all over the news.'"
Peter Shankman was hardly the first New Yorker to be punished by the city for his devotion to maintaining his own physical health.
At least he learned a very valuable lesson: it is never worth it to exercise.
What kind of gentleman tries to drive away from a cop giving his ferrari a ticket in SoHo? The same kind who has no qualms about running over a cop's foot in the process!
Last month, we were giddy when we saw video of Darth Vader haggling with a traffic cop over a parking ticket in Brooklyn. This week, he got the ticket dismissed!
NYC cyclists aren't required to stay in bike lanes in every circumstance, but why should that stop cops from ticketing them?
A tipster says she got a $50 ticket for smoking in Washington Square Park. "I really feel like this news should be out there because IT IS RIDICULOUS & people should know."
"No one wanted to get involved in making a change where a summons was involved because of everything going on in the Bronx. She fell victim to it," explained the president of a police union.
A Nassau County cop named Garrett Mannerz admitted to bad behavior on the job.
A 21-year-old student was arrested and held by NYPD for 36 hours for not carrying ID. And once she got into a courtroom, the judge dismissed the ticket in less than a minute.
"If anything, I figured they smelled the doughnuts I was carrying," explained the chef.
The elusive "Topless Bowery Woman" was ticketed last week after taking a stroll through Manhattan sans shirt. And even if you think it's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous, it's also perfectly legal.
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