Expect windy rain, thunder, garbage gales, the whole bit.
Today brings the possibility of gusty, hail-ridden thunderstorms, while the weekend portends an excellent beach day.
Last week's chilly temps have been replaced by unusually toasty conditions and even some sun this week.
We are in for our first significant rainfall in more than a couple of weeks.
With a high of 85 yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks to be warmer than average.
The wind and rain will keep the temperature to the upper 60s on Saturday.
The humidity will slowly drop to more tolerable levels early tomorrow morning once the trailing cold front arrives and the wind starts coming out of the west.
Hot and muggy, steamy, sultry, sticky or humid. Take your pick!
Showers and thunderstorms are possible through about midnight tonight when a second cold front is expected to pass through the area.
It won't take much of an upper-level disturbance to produce showers or thunderstorms.
The warm, humid, air mass that will be with us tomorrow is expected to become unstable as the day progresses.
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