On top of all this, there's also a heat advisory.
Scientists are closely following a hard-to-predict trend of U.S. tornadoes inching toward the Eastern Seaboard.
Dreary days ahead.
The weekend kicks off with a very long thunderstorm and maybe even some flash flooding.
There are no fatalities reported so far. Video of last night's thunderstorm shows its terrifying intensity.
In parts of Brooklyn, residents emerged from the storm to find their cars destroyed by fallen trees.
For those of you playing NYC Storm Bingo, you can check off subway waterfalls:
People are divided into two camps: Those who left work early to beat the storm and those riding it out in their cubicles.
Tuesday's steamy weather finally gave way to a severe electrical storm late last night, which in turn gave us some very extreme videos of lightning striking the spire atop One World Trade.
This afternoon's high will be in the mid 80s with plenty of humidity.
March arrives with a bang! Quite literally at LaGuardia...
The proximal cause of today's warmth is a perfect anti-storm of the jet stream ridging over the East Coast and a surface high pressure system over the Western Atlantic.
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